Aged mechanics

Mechanical restorations, are our joy >

Office traditionals

We’ll get that desk in perfect shape >

Shelving classics

Make the shelf match the collection >

Antique rarities

Cash registers, phone boxes,  more >

We believe and understand all antiques are important and have great sentimental value. We work to restore, not replace, by giving new life to worn or broken furniture pieces.

We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for furniture. We respect and preserve as much of any original piece as possible.


Anything from nicks, scratches, gouges, water marks and other blemishes, and damage to all types of wood furniture. Sometimes, a touch-up is all you need.



Matching or duplicating almost any finish, so you have many color options in most cases. 

Restoration Philosophy

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Restoration work

Antiques & collectibles

Preserving our history


One piece at a time with expert craftsmanship and great pride to guide restoration,repair, and refinishing. TwigTree Woodworking  Furniture repairs in Tampa, Fl

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